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Offroad racing requires competitors to build vehicles which can take a pounding over various race distances of open terrain. Race tracks vary from the shortcourse stadium track to forestry enduro tracks, to farm land, to sand tracks.
The New Zealand competition has created a preference for competitors to focus on the endurance races instead of shortcourse races. There are significant differences between and Enduro car and a Shortcourse car. The Enduro car needs to be “bullet-proof”. Every component needs to survive the battering of “race pace” for more than 2 hours non-stop racing .
Enduro cars have massive suspension, over 20 inches of wheel travel is common. Gearboxes have to be incredibly robust. Imported custom boxes from the USA are common on these race cars , and increasing number of cars are using Porsche Gear boxes.
The Shortcourse car has to survive only 10 minutes of “race pace” at a time. The car needs a good “power to weight ratio” and will sacrifice any unrequired component to get lighter. Cars are built with less steel, less suspension and use smaller fuel tanks. The gearbox still has to be good, but does not need to be indestructible. Speed wins here instead of reliability.

AORC memeber and Winner of the 2012 Woodhill 100 - james Buchanan

AORC memeber and Winner of the 2012 Woodhill 100 – james Buchanan

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