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How to join the Club?

To join the AORC, simply download the Membership Form from the website, complete it and email it aucklandoffroadracing@gmail.com and pay the applicable entry fee by internet or by post.

How much to join the Club?

It costs $185 to join the Club. $60 of this goes to the Club and $125 of this goes to our governing body ORANZ.  The $125 ORANZ levy covers the cost of administration of the sport including insurances, travel costs associated with sending ORANZ officials to National Events, member registration.

What does Club membership include (i.e. ORANZ Membership)?

Club membership provides you with your ORANZ membership and assists towards the funding and running of our own club events including venue hire for club meetings, our various club events (races), free Xmas party for kids and adults, development of our own club track and membership of the most progressive and largest offroad racing club in NZ.

Where and when are the Club meetings?

The Auckland Offroad Racing Club meets at 7:30pm on the first Wednesday of every month (except January). Meetings are currently held at the Ponsonby Rugby Clubrooms at Western Springs Stadium, Auckland

What is and why join ORANZ?

ORANZ is the Off Road Association of New Zealand. ORANZ was formed in 1984 to create clear rules and safety guidelines for a fast growing motorsport. ORANZ maintains a register of New Zealand Offroad Racing Clubs and racers. As the official overseeing body for the sport ORANZ looks after the interests of its racing members. It insures race meetings held under its auspices throughout the country, wether the event is a National event of a Club event. ORANZ has created the rulebook for Offroad Racing and enforces the safety of competing vehicles by requiring compliance to its rules. ORANZ runs the New Zealand Offroad Racing Championship Series and awards New Zealand champion status across all competing racing classes. Through this process ORANZ has specialist officials that attend and participate in the running, scrutineering and co-ordination of points at National Championship events. Through its structure ORANZ also resolves disputes created at race meetings between drivers and officials.

Where to buy a vehicle from?

Entry level off road race vehicles can be purchased brand new from Polaris, Can Am and Arctic Cat to compete in the UTV “Class U”. These suppliers have off-the shelf hi-performance parts and supply bolt-on safety parts that allow the purchaser to be “ready to race” as they leave the store.

Other “entry Level” options for going racing include “Class 2”. Class 2 is a production model 4WD that has been modified, in line with ORANZ rules, to compete. These modifications are mainly limited to safety issues i.e: Full roll cage, safety harnesses, fire prevention etc.

Space frame race cars are available in various conditions from TradeMe or from our members. There are multiple classes these machines can be competed in and it would pay to ask some of our members for advise on the purchase of these vehicles. Many of the vehicles that turn up on TradeMe are known by our members and they can have really important wisdom to share.

Otherwise you could contact the sports Offroad Racing Engineers. The following  businesses are aligned with Auckland Offroad Racing Club and boast real racing pedigree in their products:

Camco Engineering Ltd  - Ph: 0278 442815

Shores NZ  - Ph: 021 523 012

BSL Racing   – Ph: 09 573 2211

JRC (Jono’s Race Craft) – Ph: 09 420 5082

Who can help with advice on buying a vehicle.

Our members are your best source of “real” off road racing information. Many have been racing for several years and know what works in competition

Why and how does a vehicle become “tagged”

“Tagging” is effectively the Warrant of Fitness to race. Auckland Offroad Racing Club cars can be “Tagged” at either Camco Engineering or Shores NZ. Being tagged is a yearly requirement and speeds up scrutineering on race days.

What safety gear do I require.

NZ Safety Standards Approved Fire Extinguisher, 5 Point Harness, Safety Standards approved Crash Helmet, Fire Proof Coveralls, Fire Proof “Racing” Boots, Fire Proof “Racing” Gloves, Neck Brace

Where and when are races / club days held.

29th November 2014 – CMORC Counties Classic Rd 1 at Colin Dale Park

17/18th January 2015 – AORC Club Display at Kumeu Hot Rod Show

31st January 2015 – CMORC Counties Classic Rd 2 at Colin Dale Park

28th February 2015 – CMORC Counties Classic Rd 3 at Colin Dale Park

7/8th March 2015 – North Is National Round 1 SC by AORC at TBC

3/5th April 2015 (Easter) – South Is National Round 1 SC & E (Twizel 250) by ORRC at Twizel

17/19th April 2015 – Race to the Sky – by ORRC at Queenstown

30/31st May 2015 (QB Weekend) – Nth Is National Round 2 Enduro (Woodhill 100) by AORC at Woodhill Forest

27th June 2015 – South Is National Round 1 SC by CORC at West Melton

18/19th July 2015 – NZ1000 & AORC Display at CRC Speedshow

25th July 2015 – South Is National Round 3 Enduro (Nelson 250) by NORC at Nelson

Date TBC – North Is National Round 3 SC by ATR at Meremere

24/27th September 2015 – NZ1000 Tokoroa

24/26th October 2015 TBC (Lab Weekend TBC) – NZ National SC & E Finals – HBORC – TBC

Date TBC – NZ Short Course Champs by PNORC at Fielding

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